We had a baby!


We had a baby!

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Business, News, Our story

When I started That Works For Me, I had big plans to launch everything as quickly as possible. But, as happens, life got in the way! In a good way. I spent much longer than I thought in the design and development phase, and then I fell pregnant with my third baby. That was at the end of last summer. Through the hormonal and exhausting fug of pregnancy, we managed to get our community pages live, which is what you can see in front of you, and we have continued work on the wider platform (thanks to Nicola), which moves into testing next week. It’s very exciting! 


Baby Oscar

Even more exciting, though, is the birth of my first son, Oscar James Heagren. He is a beautiful baby. And proving to be a very popular little brother to his big sisters, who are 2 and 4! As you can imagine, this household is very hectic so things don’t always move as quickly as we would like. I am often asked how on earth I am managing to fit a business launch around such a young family. The answer is with lots of support and patience. I have an incredible husband at home. And I have Nicola and Gemma as part of the business. They have picked everything up while I have been in baby lockdown! I was so grumpy at the end of my pregnancy that I shut everything off – emails, social media, WhatsApp – all of it! So anything you have seen over the last couple of months has been all them. I owe them both a huge thank you! And probably an apology for my grumpiness. I went 8 days overdue and you would have thought it was a month from the way I behaved. Thank you amazing ladies – you are both awesome!


That Works For Me

Practising what we preach through That Works For Me, I will be doing what work works for me over the coming months, but that will very much be around Oscar and what works for him. If you want to keep tabs on my motherhood journey, do follow Making Little People, my personal blog. Be warned though, it’s a very honest and, at times, graphic take on motherhood!  

What’s next?

We have a lot happening in the near future and I can’t wait to share it all with you. As mentioned we will move into testing this month with the wider platform, and throughout June we are hosting Dad Month here on Make It Work. Look out for blog posts from our guest Dads, as well as our Hero of the Month, who, you’ve guessed it, is a working Dad!

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