That Works For Me Heroes: Lauren Currie


That Works For Me Heroes: Lauren Currie

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Blog, Heroes, Women we love

You know someone is a hero when they have to have a link tree with connections through to their nine independent (and mostly unrelated) websites. The maintenance alone makes me tremble! 

But not Red Jotter. She is unphased by all these strings to her bow. She seems unphased by life! 

Who is Red Jotter?

Red Jotter is Lauren Currie. 

She designs. She teaches. She writes. She does TedX Talks. She’s an MD.

She runs workshops for public speaking and is the woman behind the #upfront campaign. 

She has put time, energy and no doubt her own blood, sweat and tears into building our confidence. 

She even has an OBE for goodness sake!

Why we love her

She’s bloody amazing! Imagine being on a personal crusade to build other women up. Imagine inspiring and instilling confidence in every woman you enter a room with. Imagine doing all of that with children at home. Imagine being Lauren Currie! 

Do we sound like we have a girl crush on her? It’s because we do. Ever since we saw her on stage at the Pregnant Then Screwed Live  event at the beginning of the year. She was funny, engaging, confident and so interesting. We could have listened to her all day. 

She’s our hero

And because of all that, she is our hero of the month! If we can help just a small percentage of the people that Lauren helps, we’ll be happy. 

Keep being you, Red Jotter! We love ya!

Jess x


Bio – Lauran Currie

Lauren is the Managing Director of NOBL in the UK and Europe and Founder at #UPFRONT.

She’s also a Trustee of the Design Council.

Find out more at