That Works For Me Heroes: Frankie Tortora


That Works For Me Heroes: Frankie Tortora

by | Sep 16, 2019 | After Children, Blog, Flexible Working, Freelance, Heroes, Women we love

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Ever since we listened to Frankie for the first time at the Pregnant Then Screwed event run by the (also) amazing Joeli Brearly, we felt like we had met our kinda gal. 

Newborn baby strapped to her chest, looking slightly shell-shocked (you know the look, we’ve all been there), Frankie was still firing out super-practical advice left, right and centre. She looked to us the epitome of a working Mum, and someone who, to quote a brilliant enterprise, really was doing it for her kids. 


So who is Frankie Tortora?

If you haven’t heard of Frankie, she is the creator of the ever-growing and massively popular Facebook community Doing It For The Kids. Rapidly approaching 4,000 members it is the place for advice, a sounding board, a chat with a fellow freelancer or just a good old moan!  


What is Doing It For The Kids?  

As Frankie is the first person to avow, freelancing isn’t always a bed of roses. The Facebook group was set up because “life as a freelancer is tough and unpredictable without children, throw kids into the mix and it’s potential chaos!” Amen. 

The group is a huge resource for advice on how to negotiate this chaos, and Frankie herself is currently on a personal crusade to get freelancers thinking about protecting themselves later on in life, with a pension. She’s set the group up not for personal gain, but because, as a freelancer herself, she knows the pitfalls.


Why is Frankie our hero?

We use her group a lot. Whether it’s for tips from our target customers, or for business advice and recommendations – there is always someone that can help. Quite often, it’s Frankie herself!

But we know that she doesn’t just sit around all day commenting on stuff on Facebook. Not that that would be a bad thing! She also writes, speaks at events, promotes, organises meet up’s and she’s a very successful freelance designer (as if you can’t tell this from her gorgeous Insta pages!). 

Oh, and did we mention that she recently started a hugely successful podcast?! If you’re a freelancer already, or starting your own business – definitely one to check out! 

It’s obvious that Frankie genuinely believes in what she’s doing, flying the flag for flexible working and freelancing – she’s everything we look for in a hero!   

As if all that wasn’t enough, she’s cool. Frankie is one of those easy to talk to, naturally funny and nice people who always has time for a chat and never makes you feel stupid.

Ah, Frankie. What a hero…