That Works For Me Heroes: Drew Brigham


That Works For Me Heroes: Drew Brigham

by | Jul 14, 2019 | Blog, Flexible Working, Heroes

Drew is the father of two gorgeous children, Scarlett and Seb, as well as CTO of Travlet and  Transformation Director at ICE Plc. That Works For Me’s COO Nicola has worked with Drew for a number of years and always admired his commitment to his family along with his ability to be a brilliant Chief Technology Officer. Which is why he is our That Works For Me hero! 

Drew’s background

Drew started work with me (Nicola) at Epiphany back in 2011. He was a senior developer and at this point he impressed me as he had managed to negotiate different working hours (8-4) to everyone else. This was before any formal flexible working agreements were a thing and in fact there wasn’t even an HR role due to the size of the business. 

He did this because he wanted to get home at a reasonable time to his wife! What a husband!

Drew quickly showed that despite him leaving “early” each day he was highly skilled developer and manager and quickly became the Head of Client Development, after just over a year at Epiphany.

Flexible Working Dad

Drew always had an amazing work ethos and as the Head of Client Development and later Technical Director would work from home occasionally, also allowing his team to do the same, which was again a first in the business.

A few years later his daughter Scarlett was born with kidney problems (bilateral duplex kidneys). Highlighted during pregnancy, Drew really needed flexible working at this point for the endless hospital appointments and latterly the surgeries that followed shortly after the birth of his daughter. It was a happy but challenging time. Drew was always very clear that Scarlett and his family came first but he still valued his job. Rarely allowing his situation to impact his work, he worked the hours he needed to get the job done, but was there for every hospital appointment. 

He often says that ‘all you have to do is ask’ and too few people don’t ever ask. Most doors look closed but open with a small push – a simple request. 

And, even if someone says ‘no’ then you’ve not lost anything, and you can ask them how to make it a ‘yes’. But usually, most people say ‘yes’ or will have a chat about how to make it a ‘yes’.

Drew was fortunate that the business supported his approach. Thankfully now Scarlett is fit and well (albeit with 2 kidneys instead of 4!) and Drew has welcomed his second child, Seb. He is first and foremost a father. One who understands what flexible working is, and how to make it work.

What a guy…

He now spends his time working flexibly at both at ICE and building his startup (Travlet) with his London based cofounder. This gives him the freedom to balance work and family, meaning he can go to all the school events, appointments and even the odd dad’s night out – whilst still leading a fulfilling career and mentoring others on how they can do the same. Sometimes he even helps That Works For Me….but more on that another time!

Drew, in honour you and of Dad month, we want to make you our hero. Not just for helping us out but for demonstrating to the tech world how flexible working is done!      

    Jess & Nic