That Works For Me Hero: Vicki Psarias

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That Works For Me Hero: Vicki Psarias

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Blog, Heroes, Our favourites, Women we love

After I made the decision to leave my “big career” I was in a very strange place for a while. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to change my thoughts into something real. Then I read two books. The first was Sarah Knight’s You Do You, which helped me figure out my dream and what I wanted to do. 

All very well and good – but I still had no idea how…

Then I read The Honest Mum by Vicki Psarias. 

All of a sudden, I not only knew what I wanted to do, I knew how I would do it! And more importantly, I had confidence that I could do it. 

Vicki was the first person not to tell me I had “too much on my plate” or I couldn’t “have it all.” She gave a tonne of practical advice and told me that it was possible to be a good mum and have a good business. And I believed her!

Since then, I’ve seen her everywhere. Her blog drops into my inbox regularly, she’s always top of my Twitter feed, she’s on daytime TV while I’m writing. It’s like we were destined to….err….meet?! (More like I was destined to watch her from a distance. In a non-weird way of course.)

Joking aside, she feels like a friend. She responds to comments on Twitter. She admits when she has PMT. She is warm and she’s honest. She does what she says on her tin! 

But, she’s also inspiring! She’s not out there plugging a false dream. She tells the truth about life as a working mum being tough, and the need for support, AND she gives life hacks on how to make it that bit easier.  

Most importantly, she is out there doing it – being a mum of two whilst running an incredibly successful business. And she looks bloody gorgeous whilst she’s doing it!

All hail this month’s hero! 

If you don’t follow her already, then do. And check our her site, it’s full of interesting articles, recipes, competitions…..all sorts. She’s a mum voice we love to hear. 

Vicki, thank you! You’ve been a wonderful part of my personal and professional journey, and I’m sure lots of other people’s too. Keep an eye on your post box in the coming days!