That Works For Me – Testing, testing!


That Works For Me – Testing, testing!

by | Aug 5, 2019 | News, Our story, Starting Out

Finally the last 12 months of hard work has come together. We have a platform that functions (mostly), is user friendly (hopefully) and serves its purpose (totally). A supportive and affordable platform for flexible work. Just like we wanted. 

We can’t quite believe it!


When we set out, our mission was to:

  • Bring parents back into the workplace and stop hard-earned skills going to waste
  • Facilitate a more diverse range of professional flexible working opportunities so people can reclaim their time, and small businesses can manage their resource more efficiently
  • Bring businesses skills and experience without the long-term commitment, making consultancy affordable

And by Jove I think we’re nearly there! This is the first major step towards achieving it as we finally have something that will be of use to you, whether you’re a business, a freelancer or someone looking for flexible work. We know it’s not perfect, we already have a list of things we want to change, but we have a platform that does what it needs to do to get us up and running. That is to host roles and projects that are flexible in their nature, which our faithful followers can search. We don’t mind whether you’re looking for work to fit around your family, to enable you to care for your parents, or even to realise your long awaited dream of becoming a glass blower. We just care that you have work that works for you, not just for someone else. 

And if you’re someone who doesn’t really know what you want to do or you know what but not how, we have you covered too through our incredible team of coaches waiting to help you on your journey. 


If all things go to plan, we will finish testing in August (I was always going to take my laptop to Cornwall anyway) and launch in September just in time for all the parents whose children have just started school to start thinking about what to do next.

As I said earlier, things aren’t perfect. But they’re almost good enough for us to launch. We would like some help with user testing as there’s no doubt some permutations we haven’t thought of. We would also love some early feedback from the people we cherish the most (that’s you) on what you love, what you hate, what works, what doesn’t work…all that jazz. But we know you’re busy so we’re equally happy if you just want to stay quiet for now and register once we’ve officially launched. 


That sounds like a murder enquiry. It’s not, don’t worry. We would actually like your help with testing. If you have nothing better to do with your August, let us know on Facebook, Instagram, email or our contact form. We will email you back a link and a little further info on what we need. It can be as little or as much as you like so please don’t worry about over-committing. 

Anyone that does help will be well and truly remembered and offered thank you gifts when the time comes. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and your patience. We began this journey a long time ago and two babies, one puppy and a house move later, we’re nearly there. So thanks for sticking with us!