Meet The Team

Jessica Heagren

Jessica Heagren

CEO & Founder

In my past, I have held a range of Director positions in UK insurance giant DLG. Like many women, I found that a senior career in a financial services corporate plus a young family just didn’t work. I decided to leave and found myself as a mother of two, with 15 years of experience in buying, selling and leading businesses, with nothing to do but play building blocks. The more I spoke to other Mums, the more it seemed there were a million others in the same boat as me. I saw more talented women in baby groups than I had seen in most board rooms.

I looked into setting up my own business. I looked around at my incredibly brave friends who had made the jump into entrepreneurship. I wondered if I could do the same, but I was concerned about some of the gaps in my skillset. My friends confessed they had been too, and still were. They admitted to struggling to find the help they needed. They worried about the investment in having someone join their business – did they have enough work for them? Could they afford them? We talked about how amazing it would be if you could access the best the top talent but on less than full time basis.

And so That Works For Me was born.

I imagined a platform that brought together skilled professional people in need of flexible work with businesses in need of skilled professionals on a less than full time basis. I imagined a world where people were honest and upfront about the time they had outside of their family life and where businesses accepted this and made use of them for the time they needed, at an appropriate and proportionate salary. I imagined the happy families that would benefit from parents and grandparents achieving the work-life balance they were looking for. I imagined me being able to help.

I roped in my best friend, talented programme director (and now business partner), Nicola. From there my dream started to take shape and we enlisted techno-wizard Drew to help us become what we are today. We have used Gemma continually since day one to write, edit and chat! We are proudly using freelancers to help us with our mission. We talk lots about our families and we work around our non-work priorities whether that be Nicola’s painting preoccupation, Gemma’s food obsession, my pregnancy yoga or Drew’s secret love of coding.

Already on our journey I have been pregnant twice, made more mistakes than I could count and wasted many hours doing things that didn’t need to be done. I am learning on the job. I have spent many an evening working ‘til gone midnight once the girls are in bed. But most importantly I have attended every school meeting, concert and doctors’ appointment I have wanted to, as well as taken random days off to spend at the beach with my young children, just because the sun is shining.

I really believe That Works For Me will stop so many hard-acquired skills going to waste in our industries and bring work-life balance to many families. I also believe that we can bring talent and expertise to businesses, particularly younger and smaller businesses who will grow up thriving with flexible working and happy employees. I am a firm and passionate believer in “you can have it all” – if everyone would just rethink the 9-5.

Nicola Good

Nicola Good

COO & Founder

I have been working as a Programme Director in the digital sector for the last 10 years. During this time I have become utterly convinced of the need for a drastic shift towards flexible working.

I have seen the same things so many others have. Team members and colleagues return from maternity leave to a fraction of their former roles. Talent wasted because of an arbitrary number of hours we’re all supposed to work. Struggles obtaining the skills we need at the right level because full time salaries couldn’t be justified. I’ve seen people leave a job they know and love because they want to focus on IVF or because an elderly parent has been diagnosed with dementia. Mostly I’ve seen employer inflexibility get in the way of the need for better work life balance over and over again. And I’ve had enough!

It was this that inspired me and the co-founders to start She Does Digital – a collective of people in Leeds passionate about digital, with a mission to encourage more women to pursue careers in the industry. We have looked at all of the issues surrounding why women enter and leave the digital sector. And I’m on a personal crusade to do something about it.

Importantly I have also seen many friends and family go on to establish highly successful careers as freelancers and business owners. Sure there are lots of challenges to overcome but when they get it right, they and their families really flourish. That Works For Me will help all of these groups succeed. We will be challenging what is ‘normal’ and give both businesses and employees the flexibility that they so desperately need.

Gemma Blake

Gemma Blake

Director of Communications

I work in Client Services at a busy creative advertising agency in London. In my mid twenties, I want to learn as much as possible and pick up as many new skills as I can. I believe that flexible working is a brilliant way to broaden your horizons.

I’ve worked across several industries in my short career – it’s definitely not the norm anymore to pick a career at 18 and roll with it for life. Flexible working is a really smart way to try new things, even if just the odd project, I’m always surprised by how much I learn and when it might come in handy across other disciplines.

That Works For Me is making all of this happen. It’s a place that supports new Mums and Dads without the unreasonable and frankly ridiculous demand of full time work (or a part time salary for a full time role!). And it gets my vote every time! I want flexible working to be the norm by the time I’m ready to start a family. Join the revolution!

Meet the Coaches

We are provide ourselves on being not just a flexible working platform but a supportive and affordable platform. That’s why we have had picked four incredible coaches for you to work with. Our coaches will be available to you for a free consultation when you sign up to the platform. Find out more about them here!