Over 500 Members

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Over 500 Members

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Uncategorized

We are so proud to announce that we have almost 600 members after just 7 weeks since our launch – this is the stuff dreams are made of! For us, anyway!

When we launched That Works For Me we weren’t really sure how things would go. We knew who we wanted to help and how we wanted to do it but we didn’t know what would happen once we got started. But, since launch we have…

  • Had 545 individuals sign up to our platform looking for flexible work
  • Welcomed 30 businesses looking for brilliant talent in a less-than-full-time capacity
  • Published almost 30 flexible roles on our super-quick click-to-apply jobs board (and we have another 30 waiting to come!)
  • Held interviews, had new business meetings even took on our first hire!
  • Seen a full project go from posting, application, appointment through to completion and payment –  Yay! 

Wow! We can’t quite believe it!

It’s not all been a bed of roses, of course! But you have all been amazing, and helped us identify things that don’t quite work or don’t quite look right, so we can hop on in and make our better for you, our wonderful Make It Work community! We need need to fix some bugs in the application process, and get a bit more on sign-posting up and running to help guide you through our platform, and of course, our always-on goal: find more projects and roles for people seeking flexible work.

So we just ask for your patience. We have plans afoot!

Celebration time!

When we passed 500 members last week we got a bit obsessed. We were checking our numbers every five minutes. Constantly hitting refresh! 

Then position number 500 was filled! By none other than Carolyn Sharples! The account manager slash designer slash creative slash project manager from Hampshire. She is basically a woman of many, many talents. So much so that we don’t really know what to call her. Other than our favourite 500th member!

Carolyn spotted That Works For Me on a local Facebook group and decided to give us a go. She said “I’m hoping to find work on an ad hoc basis. I like the fact you can dip in and out of what you want from the website and it’s very flexible”. And we didn’t even have to pay her!

If you like the sound of Carolyn, you can reach out to by registering on That Works For Me.  She is looking for something that fits her life. And that my friend, is something we specialise in!

We messaged Carolyn on Friday telling her just how excited we were. And we’ve just got back from the post office to send her a little thank you gift for joining That Works For Me! Carolyn, you’re in our history books!

Spread the flexible working word!

Our next milestone will be 1,000 members. We’d love for that to happen in February, so we need your help (again!)! 

We attract the most people when we have brilliant work on offer – so spread the word! 

  • If you’re a business that offers any form of flexible working – flexible start and finish times, working from home, part-time – any flexibility at all, then we need you! It’s completely FREE to post your jobs and projects on our platform.  
  • If you’re someone who hires freelancers, or who needs help with your business, try us. We have people that can help. You can use our platform to find that book keeper, business analyst, lawyer, logo designer, website builder, trainer….any professional person that can help you out. Try us. It’s FREE to post your projects on our platform. 
  • If you’re not quite ready to post a specific project or role, search our database and see who you can find. Remember though, not everyone has a profile set up, some people prefer just to keep an alert going for work that suits them. Posting a project or role, even if it’s a big vague at this point, is the best way to initiate a chat and find out what’s out there. 

Tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. It’s free to post roles and projects on our platform. You could find an employee, colleague or freelancer who changes the game for you and your business. 

Share this post now and help us grow! The more people they use us, the better our service will be. 

Thank you!

Jess, Nic & Gem

We are in the process of merging our Make It Work blog with our main That Works For Me platform
Click here to access That Works For Me