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Our new improved platform

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Blog, Business, Flexible Working, Freelance, News, Our story

It has been more than six months since That Works For Me launched and no, we can’t quite believe it either! It’s been an amazing journey and we’ve been making continuous updates creating a new improved platform. There’s still so much more to come!  

Our first 6 months

We are now more than 2,000 members strong and our variety of registered skills is phenomenal. The talent is endless and experience is priceless. 

More than 50 businesses have posted 125 roles and we’ve filled around  60%* of those in six months – that far exceeds our ambition for our whole first year already. 

Despite COVID-19, we continue to sign up new members every week and we have approximately 5,000 visits to our website per month. This is with very little investment in marketing and no sales team. You can imagine what these metrics will look like when we begin with both of those next month!

We have made major changes this month

We have learnt a lot since we launched. Our members have been incredible at reporting any bugs they have found or where things haven’t worked as expected. We have worked as fast as we can to fix things and we are eternally grateful for the patience that has been shown. 

Recently we released some major updates. We have:

  • Updated our search so it’s easier to find what you are looking for
  • Changed our filters to give you access to everything you need
  • Improved our landing pages to make them more relevant to you
  • Changed the ‘my account’ navigation so you can see where you are
  • Moved roles and projects tracking to your main account page so you can see exactly what opportunities you have on the go
  • Made it easier to register and set up your profile, removing any unnecessary steps

Hopefully you are finding it easier to get around and more user-friendly. We still have some things that need updating, but know that we are working continually to bring you the best possible platform for flexible and remote work.

What’s in it for businesses

Joining That Works For Me not only means businesses can post their opportunities with us, but membership provides access to our entire database of people. Largely UK based, our members are all actively looking for work. And did we mention how brilliant they are?

Once an opportunity is live, you can search our database and invite people who you like the look of to apply. If you’re not sure if you have the person you’re after, search our database now before you invest. We’re almost certain there will be someone that is perfect!

You can buy individual project and role credits, but the most budget friendly way to use That Works For Me is to sign up for a monthly subscription, which starts from £64 a month for small businesses. This includes an unlimited number of project and role posts! There are countless other benefits to signing up with us, including:

  • Feature a role at the top of the search results (one free feature a month)
  • Free 121 coaching session
  • Free 20-minute legal consultation*
  • Legal and business checklists*
  • Onsite invoicing for projects

Signing up is easy and takes moments. You could have your opportunity live in 5 minutes and applications from an engaged, relevant and experienced workforce in less than 10 minutes!

Fair pay

Everything has been free whilst we learnt what worked and what didn’t, and where we needed to improve. But, it is costing us lots to do that and whilst we would love to offer our services for free forever, the time has come for us to start running as a business. 

One of our founding principles was to charge businesses fairly and proportionately, which we’re confident we are now doing. We did our research and know that we are offering a fair price to businesses to access our community of experienced and talented people. We can facilitate very special connections that we know will help businesses grow. 

For our freelance and work seeking community, our services are and always will be free. We also support fair pay for our members too, we believe experience and skill deserve to be fairly rewarded, and one of our missions is to stop hard earned skills going to waste. We also want to do our bit for closing the gender and race pay gaps. We will shortly be publishing our Fair Pay Charter, which outlines our commitment to only advertising roles with a fair salary or budget attached. 

Finally, once everyone is happy with the project, the accounting assistant enables billing and payment for projects completed with easy management of invoices. You can even keep a record of expenses here. 

The whole platform is quick and easy so you can focus on the more important things. Like the rest of your life!  

What happens next?

We have big ambitions. Really big. 

We want to be the go-to place for remote working opportunities. We want to be known for our incredible and experienced freelance population. 

But we need your help to let everyone know!

You can help by interacting with us on social media. You can help by liking, loving, wow-ing and sharing. This makes an enormous difference to our following. You can also help by talking to us and telling us about your experiences, especially if you found work or resources by working with us. 

We love a case study and will shortly be dedicating a whole area of our blog to it. If you have a story for us, get in touch. We love to hear from you! 

Jess, Nic and Gem x