Our Faves: Inspirational listening


Our Faves: Inspirational listening

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Blog, Books, Our favourites, Podcasts

You followers are our favourite thing. But to share the love, each month we are going to share our other favourite things. We’re talking websites, business resources, subscription services (have you heard of Pong Cheese?!), maybe even face creams! Sharing is caring, right?  


Inspirational Listening 

We’re kicking off with inspirational listening, so all things podcasts and audio books. Where would we be without them?! How did we ever pass the time in a car full of napping toddlers? And what were we listening to when sorting out the washing?! The best thing about a podcast is that there’s one for every niche in the book – film scores, theme parks, even one for pens (WTF?!). But we’re not here to talk pens. We’re here to talk inspirational listening.  We’ve whittled down our top inspirational listens for our Make It Work community – your must-have for business ideas, the bible for mums looking for the way forward and a corker for when you just fancy a bit of a laugh.


Our fave podcast for business inspiration… 

Ctrl Alt Delete

What’s it all about? Host Emma Gannon is author of The Multi-Hyphen Method: Work less, create more, and design a career that works for you – need we go on?! Here she chats to experts, thought-leaders, writers and creative individuals about the internet, their careers, and everything in between. If you’re operating a side hustle, working on 25 projects or just starting out, this is a great listen to get you inspired, informed and raring to go. 

Why it’s our fave: People LOVE this podcast, super inspirational, a healthy dose of feminism, and like having a chat with a wise old friend who gives you a good kick up the arse when you need it. Guests include charities, bloggers, authors, celebrities – there’s something in there for everyone. 


Our fave audio book for mums with dreams… 

The Honest Mum by Vicki Psarias

What’s it all about? Vicki Psarias is a former TV and film director turned lost mother turned crazy successful businesswoman and role model. She was one of the first well-known bloggers turned vloggers in the parenting space and has gone on to win multiple awards for being herself and being generally awesome. Then she penned this brilliant book. As well as doing what it says on the tin to big up mums and being exceptionally honest all the way through, it’s bursting with practical advice on how to mum and work. Hallelujah! 

Why it’s our fave: CEO Jess read this book during a very lost phase post-birth of baby number two and it re-instilled the belief that you can be a good mum and have a successful business. We cheated and listened to the audiobook (breaks up the monotony of sorting out washing! – also what kind of superhero mother has time to actually read?!). Vicki has a really easy to listen to voice, AND she responds to your comments on Twitter. We kinda wanna be friends with her…


Our fave podcast for inspired laughing and loving…

Sh**ged, married, annoyed Podcast

Whats it all about? Comedian Chris Ramsey and his (hilarious) wife Rosie take an hour each week to clink a glass of rosé and chew the fat about the goings on within their little family that week. Segments include ‘What’s your beef’ – a refreshing no-holds-barred exchange of things the other in the relationship has done to be annoying that week, followed by ‘Questions from the public’ – where equally weird and wonderful people share embarrassing stories and bizarre questions – much hilarity ensues!

Why it’s our fave: There’s no denying this is a bit of a trashy guilty pleasure – but these people are GREAT! It’s a light-hearted, laugh-out-loud podcast with the perfect balance of an insight into another relationship and other people’s funny stories. Like going to the pub with your two mates from uni who ended up getting hitched. We love them. And isn’t laughter the best inspiration of all?


What’s your fave?

We have SO many more books and podcasts that we would like to feature that we will definitely be talking all things audio again soon. 

With that in mind, we’d love to hear from you guys on your faves. Are there online resources you couldn’t live without? Is there a podcast that you stay up until midnight waiting to be released each week? Does your monthly subscription bring you all of the joy? Let us know on social media or here.

Until next time!

Gemma x