Our BETA site is live – check it out!


Our BETA site is live – check it out!

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Business, Flexible Working, Freelance, News, Our story, Press, Recruiter, Work life balance

If you have been following our journey to launch you will know that we are going live with our flexible working platform on Monday 2nd December – and we are more than a little excited about it! 

What is a flexible working platform?

That Works For Me is where talent meets the real world. It’s where we stop hiding our personal lives at work. It’s where businesses see what we can achieve when we work on our own terms, and applaud us for it. It’s celebrating what modern day careers look like. It’s what works for us. 

Whether you’re searching for flexible work, or recruiting for a skilled role, That Works For Me provides a professional career matching service like no other. Find the work and people you need, on terms that work for everyone.

Since you’re here, why don’t you have a look at the platform ahead of everyone else?!

Am I on your flexible working platform already?

No. This is the Make It Work community where we feature advice, articles and news related to our business and yours. We launched it ahead of the main platform so we could learn about our amazing customers, and provide content around what we’re passionate about – flexible working! We will continue to post on here with all sorts of stuff from our brilliant contributors, but our flexible working platform is the heart of That Works For Me. 


How do I sign up?

Register with us! Don’t forget to check your junk for your activation email. 

Next, if you’re a flexi work seeker or freelancer: 

  • Set up a profile, tagging as many skills tags as you can think of – and have!
  • Take a look around for work that may suit you. Save your search to receive alerts when new jobs are added – you’ll hear about them first!

If you’re a business:

  • Skip the profile set-up and go straight to the business set-up page 
  • Have a look through people’s profiles, or go straight to setting up your projects and roles, it’s quick and easy and people can apply immediately


Finally, tell us what you think:

We want to hear from you! Everything you like, dislike, love or hate about the site and how you use it – including anything you think we’re missing! Let us know by email or via our contact form 

A reminder -this is a beta site, so there are still a few bits for us to finish off, and only a few jobs if you’re looking for work. But don’t worry – we’ll be adding more flexible jobs for our launch, so stay tuned! And if you’re a business, add your projects and roles now, ready for our launch!

Access the platform here

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Jess, Nic & Gem