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Launch News

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Blog, News


Our baby has been born!

We are live!

We’ve launched!

We have lift off! 

No matter how many different ways we say it, we still can’t quite believe it to be true! 


That Works For Me is live

We are officially in business as That Works For Me, the professional career matching service like no other. We’re up and running, matching open minded businesses with talent and skill in need of flexible work – providing opportunities, coaching and confidence-building for individuals searching for real work life balance. 

This has been the culmination of more than a years’ blood, sweat and tears. And it was worth every drop! Well, it will be anyway. 

Mission accomplished! Kind of…


Thank you

We owe a few thank yous. Not in a Gwyneth-accepting-an-Oscar weeping kind of way, but some grovelling-on-our-knees kind of thank yous. So thank you. To every single person who has liked or shared a post. To everyone who has signed up to our newsletter. To every person that has given advice and input (even if we didn’t like it!). To every OG who registered and sent us feedback. And to every person who has done any work, big or small, on getting us to this point. We are eternally grateful for you. 

It has been a true group effort and we have lived by our purpose – do what you can, when you can, but remember that life comes first. It confirms what we already know – flexible working is the way forward!


What now?

As is the case when you launch a business, the hard work actually starts now. This is the time where we will need to up our marketing game – we need to get That Works For Me out there. We want people to think ‘flexible work…That Works For Me!. 

So please continue doing what you’re doing and showing us your love. Share whatever you can. Like and comment, we love hearing from you!

What can you do to help?

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up to the site. Set up an account and don’t forget to complete your profile or business page. 
  2. Save your search! As with any start-up we are lighter than we’ll ever be on people, jobs and roles. Saving your search means you’lll be notified when someone or something fits what you’re looking for.
  3. Find a job through us. Or find resource for your business. Then tell us about it in our Facebook group
  4. Like, share and comment on social media. This is free marketing for us and we appreciate every click of a button – awareness is key!
  5. If you know of a business that has flexible working as its’ standard, tell us about them. Tell them about us. Put us in touch and help us spread the word!


What jobs will you have on your site?

Flexible, professional ones! Roles. Projects. Employed. Freelance. Term time. Temporary. Permanent. Part time. Full time. Onsite. From home. They just have to be flexible, which means not in an office from 9 ‘til 5, Monday to Friday.


How do I apply for them?

You need to register with us, select a plan, set up a profile and then you can get applying. A few clicks sends your profile to a potential client or employer. It’s quick and it’s easy. You can see all your applications in the project and roles area of your account to keep track of what you’re applying for. 


How do I post a job to the site?

You need to register with us, set up a business profile and then you can post projects and roles. You can search for people with a specific skill set and availability and invite them to apply, or you can wait for them to come to you. It’s quick and it’s easy. You can see all of your job posts in the project and roles area of your account, along with who has applied with an intuitive set of actions. 


How much does it cost?

We think the cost of most job posts are crazy expensive. Great if you’re a large corporate with deep pockets but not so great if you are a small business who needs help with their logo, or you need an accountant for just two days a month. That’s why our pricing is low and proportionate. If you’re a start up, you can post a role for free. If you’re more established, our introductory pricing starts from £30 a month.

Searching for work is free. There is a small fee for our Freelancer plan (you can see all our plans when you register) because you have access to lots more of our benefits. They include coaching, training, discounted insurance, our accounting assistant (which includes invoicing), legal and business checklists…there are loads! 


Ok, where do I sign up?

Click here or head over to the main site and hit the big Register button in the corner! 

Jess, Nic & Gem