Hero of the month: Ursula Tavender

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Hero of the month: Ursula Tavender

by | May 5, 2020 | Blog, Business, Heroes, Women we love

Every so often, you meet with someone new for a chat and it goes on for loads longer than you expect and you feel like you’ve been catching up with an old friend. That’s what happened when we met Ursula Tavender. 

Unfortunately we’ve only met on the phone since our face-to-face plans have been somewhat scuppered! But we’re not going to dwell on that because this is our favourite post each month and it makes us smile! 

This month’s hero is Ursula Tavender, flexible working expert and pioneer, and founder of brilliant businesses Taking Care of Business and Mumbelievable. 

Why we love her

There are many reasons why we love this lady!

The first is just for her LinkedIn bio where her tagline begins with Proud Parent. 

The next is the second sentence changing the world of work for everyone. 

And the third is that she’s just so darn lovely. She’s one of those women that you spot and think “you’re going to be my friend.” (or is that just us?!).


Who is Ursula Tavender?

If you’re not embroiled in the world of flexible working you might not have heard of her. She’s one of those quiet heroes that everyone talks about in the highest regard but she isn’t remotely about the fame. 

Ursula works with businesses to help them grasp flexible working both on a macro and micro level. She bridges the gap between HR, communications and the best intentions of leaders to actually bring about change. She offers really practical tools such as a team charter on flexible working so that everyone buys into the process. She trains boards, heads of and managers on how to do things properly, avoiding resentment and misunderstanding.

Her response to the coronavirus was not to cash in but instead collaborated with Liese Lord from the Lightbulb Tree (another great flexible working practitioner) and produce a number of really useful business guides to help them wade through the chaos.

Everyone loves Ursula. And she’s amazing at her job.

Our hero

It’s still quite rare to see someone bridge the family-professional gap as elegantly as Ursula does. She has a busy home life as a wife and mum of two boys, yet she is the most upbeat, positive and committed person we have spoken to in a long time. 

Her commitment to flexible working, for everyone’s benefit, is unwavering and she is more than doing her bit to make that shared dream a reality. 

Ursula, thank you for everything that you do, and congratulations, you are our hero of the month!

Find more about Urusla and the great work she does at Taking Care of Business and Mumbelievable.



Jess, Nic & Gem

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