Hero of the month: Mother Pukka

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Hero of the month: Mother Pukka

by | Jan 11, 2020 | After Children, Flexible Work Request, Flexible Working, Heroes, Make It Work, Women we love

After a little break to get our platform launched, our Hero of the Month is back! And this month is a big one for us. The one we saved for when we felt we were doing our bit for the greater good. The one where we hero-worshipped the godmother of our cause…

In December we took a little break to give ourselves a pat on the back (and catch our breath!) for finally launching That Works For Me. We now have a platform that is matching open minded businesses with talent and exceptional skill in need of flexible work! Woohoo! We have hundreds of people signed up and looking for flexible roles and freelancer projects. And are desperately trying to keep up by filling it with projects and roles from businesses who understand that flexible working, works. 

Inspired by 

There is one person who has constantly inspired us since the very beginning. She was everywhere we turned when researching our idea. She was the one big name we couldn’t get away from even if we tried (which we didn’t, why would we?!).


Mother Pukka.

Mother Pukka is Anna Whitehouse’s pseudonym. The name that’s now synonymous with the concept and plight of flexible working. 

Any person we talk to about what we are trying to achieve, in business, in friendships, in our families even; they all say “have you heard of Mother Pukka?”

“How could we not have done?” we laugh incredulously. 

She is the godmother of flexible working. And at the vanguard of parents’ work life balance. 

Needless to say, we have more than a lot of time for her! Her tireless campaigning through her very own #flexappeal and the ensuing #FlexForAll coalition, with another Hero of ours Joeli Brearley of Pregnant Then Screwed, may well have changed the world of work for the better, forever.


 Changing the working world

This woman may single-handedly have wiped out fear for every woman that ever looks at those life-changing two blue lines on a weewee stick FOREVER! Well, perhaps not the fear of parenthood completely, but almost certainly the fear of how on earth she will balance work and her baby. 

She has brought the debate to the highest table. To the loudest mouthpieces. And into the brightest lights. She’s there, in parliament, fighting for what we all believe to be the best way of working, for everyone. 

She’s an author. A Ted Talks-er. A radio DJ. A podcaster. 

She is passionate. She is relentless. She never tires.



Our hero

We are in awe!

Anna, we met you once and you were so magnetic that we partook in a flashmob (one of us was six months pregnant!). You were warm, honest and real and we absolutely bought into you and what you stand for. Not just because your beliefs are the same as ours, but because your belief and solidarity beams through in the biggest way. 

Thank you for your noise, your actions and your campaigns. 

And for what it’s worth, congratulations on being our Hero of the Month! 


Launched in December 2019, That Works For Me is a career matching service like no other. We match open minded businesses with talent and exceptional skill in need of flexible work. We have flexible roles for those looking for non 9 to 5 employment. Projects for talented and experienced freelancers. And businesses that "get it". If you fall into any of these categories, register with us now, we want to work with you.
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