Hero of the month: Katie Massie-Taylor

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Hero of the month: Katie Massie-Taylor

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Blog, Flexible Working, Heroes, Women we love

It’s testing times for all of us at the moment, so our hero of the month is just one example of a brilliant mum doing brilliant things professionally too. A Mum of three and Co-founder of Mush, she has built a business around connection. And isn’t that something we all need right now! We hope you’re as inspired as we are by Katie’s fabulousness. Keep going everyone, you got this. 

Katie Massie-Taylor is a mum, like so many of us. She has three small people to look after, loves life and we heard a rumour that she loves prosecco!

Like so many of us, she has achieved so many great things outside of ‘just’ being a mum. She is a super star business woman and co-founder of Mush (alongside her equally lovely co-founder Sarah). 

That’s why Katie is our Hero of the Month, because she is just like all of us. She’s bloody lovely, and she’s funny!  



How Mush started

On becoming one of the first of her friends to become a mum, and with her family around her, Katie found herself lonely and bored in a playground her kids were too small for. Across the wet, grey park she locked eyes with the woman that would become a “significant other” in her life. 

Katie and Sarah got talking, ultimately becoming the closest of friends, as we often do with those people we meet in the early years of motherhood. Their connection was born out of a need to relate to people in the same boat. That’s what they now do for so many Mums across the country.  

Their app connects Mums in the same area with children of the same age in the hope they find a lifelong friendship like Katie and Sarah.

Much like That Works For Me, Mush was created to fill a need. It was to give mums the opportunities to meet, talk and become friends with other mums. A place where they could share stories, give and seek advice on their own parenting journeys. And make friends. 



What makes Katie great

As with all working mums pursuing work-life balance, Katie manages her busy schedule around her three small children, who are incidentally exactly the same age as Jess’! She works from home, with meetings and admin slotted in while the little ones are at school. Then it’s pick up and after school activities with lunch or dinner prep in between. Her laptop opens up again in the evening to finish off and meet those all important deadlines. 

Katie and Sarah have had a hectic few years. They launched the business, have had more babies and have been out for rounds of investment. 

None of these are easy on their own. 

Doing it in the thick of early motherhood deserves a medal.


Sound familiar? 

Katie is an inspiration to us at That Works For Me. 

We saw her at Pregnant Then Screwed and loved her for her realism. The baby trying to eat the microphone cable while she hosted a panel discussion was a very real reminder of what life is like for us all. Literally holding the baby back with your foot while you finish a really important conversation is something we contend with every day. 

Katie, we love you not just because you’re a successful businessperson and have been pioneering the parenting cause since you started your parent journey, but because you’re doing it with your best mate (high fives from Nic and I) and doing it all while raising your beautiful family. 

You remind us that it’s ok to keep doing what we’re doing!  



Jess, Nic & Gem

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