Hero of the Month: Giovanna Fletcher

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Hero of the Month: Giovanna Fletcher

by | Feb 24, 2020 | After Children, Blog, Heroes, Women we love

We wish we had posted this last month…

Not because we wanted to double up (Anna Whitehouse definitely deserved her own month!) but because this month everyone is talking about Giovanna Fletcher. Everyone! And we feel like she was ours first!

Gi, as she’s known to her friends (can we call you that please Gi?!), is everywhere we look. She’s top of the book lists. She’s on This Morning. She’s on our favourite radio station (hi Chris Evans!). She is top of the Podcast app. She’s even a princess! Well, almost anyway. 

The whole world is saying, even more loudly than they did before, that she is amazing. 

Er, tell us something we didn’t know!

She’s still super gracious though, and it makes us love her even more.


Here’s why….

Some people are likeable. Some people are honest. Some people are warmly infectious. Some people are real. Some people are lovely. Some people make you feel like you’re sat on the sofa with a cup of tea chatting with a friend.

And Giovanni is all of these! 

That, my friend, doesn’t happen very often.

What’s so interesting is how she speaks to so many women – mothers and non-mothers. It was child-free-but-amazing-Auntie Gemma who got us hooked in the first place.

Everything she touches is gold

We’re not going to claim we’ve read all her books, but the ones that we have between the three of us were brilliant.

We love her podcast (who doesn’t?!). Her interviews, which are all based around similar themes, make for such interesting listening. People bare their souls to her. We could literally listen to her all day long!

 We think she genuinely cares. She would be sympathetic to Jess dropping her 3-year old’s coat in a muddy puddle then having to go explain to the most motherly nursery teacher in the world why her daughter had no coat on even though we were experiencing Storm Dennis levels of rain. 

 She’s just so darn lovely!


Can we be your friend?

 She’s a mother of three children, exactly the same age as Jess’. And she has created an empire. 

She’s like us, but better #obvs. 

 And if you were to judge a person by their mates, then Emma Willis and Anna Whitehouse are up there for us! So she must be amazing in real life too. 

 Giovanni, we may not be a princess, or a rockstar, or a famous author, but we are declaring you our Hero of the Month.

 We love you! Thank you for being you!



Jess, Nic & Gem

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