Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


What is That Works For Me?

That Works For Me is where talent meets the real world. It’s where we stop hiding our personal lives at work. it’s where businesses see what we can achieve when we work on our own terms, and applaud us for it. It’s celebrating what modern day careers look like. It is what works for us. Whether you’re searching for flexible work, or recruiting for a skilled role, That Works For Me provides a professional career matching service like no other. Find the work and people you need, on terms that work for everyone.

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Who is That Works For Me?

We are people like you. Parents, business owners and freelancers. We are a new business with honest intentions born out of a true need and we are made up of lots of bits of brilliant people, which is how we believe business works best. No one is full time. And no one does 9 to 5! Read more about us here and if you think you can bring something special to our small and might team, let Jessica know

How do I sign up to TWFM?

Hopefully you spotted the great big Register button up in the corner but if not then here, here or here!

What jobs will you have on your site?

Flexible, professional ones! Roles. Projects. Employed. Freelance. Term time. Temporary. Permanent. Part time. Full time. Onsite. From home. They just have to be flexible, which means not in an office from 9 ’til 5, Monday to Friday.

How do I upgrade?

Log in to your profile and from your account, click on benefits, then click Upgrade.

How much does it cost?

We think the cost of most job posts are crazy expensive. Great if you’re a large corporate with deep pockets but not so great if you are a small business who needs help with their logo, or you need an accountant for just two days a month. That’s why our pricing is low and proportionate. If you’re a start up, you can post a role for free. If you’re more established, our introductory pricing starts from £30 a month. Searching for work is free. There is a small fee for our Freelancer plan because you have access to lots more of our benefits like coaching, training, discounted insurance, our accounting assistant (which includes invoicing), and legal and business checklists.

What can I do to help?

There’s lots of things you can do to help us!

  • If you haven’t already, sign up to the site. Set up your account and don’t forget to complete your profile or business page to be up and running.
  • Then, once you’ve had a look around – save your search! As with any startup we are lighter than we’ll ever be on people, jobs and roles. Saving your search means you will be notified when someone or something fits what you are looking for.
  • Find a job through us. Or find resource for your business. Then tell us about it!
  • Like, share and comment on social media. This is free marketing for us and we appreciate every click of a button – awareness is key!
  • If you know of a business that has flexible working as standard, tell us about them. Tell them about us. Put us in touch and help us spread the word!

Why do I need to fill in my BACS or Paypal details?

We securely store your bank details or PayPal email for invoicing purposes. If you are looking for work, this is how you will be paid for the work you do. As a business or recruiter, we securely store your details to make it easy to pay someone once the work they have completed. No payments are taken without you taking action. And entering your payment details are not mandatory. You can add them at a later date if you prefer.

I keep losing my information when I complete my details, why is this?

We are a new site and as with any new site, sometimes things don’t work perfectly from day one. If you are looking for work, your profile will save as you complete each section. If you are a business, you must complete your business page in full before it will save. If you want to spend some time on it we suggest you enter some dummy data then re-visit the page later.

How do I cancel my upgrade and when will my payments stop?

Were sorry you want to leave us, but we understand that circumstances change. We would like to know why though as what you have to say is everything to us. Contact us directly and we can arrange this for you. Your subscription will end within 28 days of you giving us notice.

I agreed some work with someone but they're not doing as they promised

Firstly, contact the individual to let them know the problem to try and resolve between yourselves. If this is something you’ve already tried, then please contact the That Works For Me team via our contact form so we can look into the issue.

I would like to talk to someone directly

Contact us here or, if you would prefer, email:

Jessica at

Nicola at

Gemma at

For Help

How do I add a job to the site?

Register with us, set up a business profile and then you can post projects and roles. You can search for people and invite them to apply, or you can wait for them to come to you. It’s quick and easy. You can see all your posts in the ‘Project and Roles’ area of your account, along with who has applied with an intuitive set of actions.

How do I remove my project or role?

Log into your account and go to Projects & Roles. Click on the title of the project or role so you can see the project or job page, then click Close

How do I remove my business?

You can hide your business page in the Settings area of your account. Click on your name, cilck account settings then choose your individual preferences

For Work

How do I apply for work?

Register with us, select a plan, set up a profile and then start applying. It takes just one click of a button! Your profile is sent to the project or role owner. It’s quick and it’s easy. You can see all your applications in the Project and Roles area of your account so you can keep track of what you have applied for.

What if I do not want to continue a job that I have committed to?

As you have agreed to complete the work and entered a contract period with the business, in the first instance please contact the business directly to explain why you can no longer complete the work. Note that they may give a negative review for incompleted works. If there are further issues, please contact the That Works For Me team via our contact form so we can look into it.

I completed some work but haven't been paid, what do I do?

If a business has not paid you for work you’ve completed and supplied, contact the business via the message centre and for a payment date.
If there is an issue, then please contact the That Works For Me team via our contact form so we can look into it.