Digital Mums Partnership

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Digital Mums Partnership

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Blog, Business, Career Change, Employment, Freelance, Our story

A while ago Jess pinged a Facebook message that she never imagined she would receive a response to. But a few weeks later, feeling slightly perturbed at having just walked in on a half naked man in a public toilet, she sat down to a delicious brunch with Kathryn Tyler, the cofounder of Digital Mums. Little did she know that it would end up in a That Works for Me and Digital Mums partnership!

Meeting Digital Mums

Digital Mums were founded in 2012 after Kathryn and Nikki set up their own social media agency. Overwhelmed with demand from small businesses, they needed more social media experts and recognised that mothers are a vast untapped pool of talent. Both Nikki and Kathryn had seen their mums struggle to find meaningful work that they could juggle around childcare. They also knew that maternal discrimination in the workplace was still a huge problem preventing women from returning to rewarding work. Using Kathryn’s training background, the pair designed a ground-breaking course to teach these women everything they needed to know and empower them to kickstart new careers in digital.

And so Digital Mums was born. 


Almost 2,000 women later, Digital Mums have been covered in every press outlet and the name is now synonymous with getting Mums back into work. Their mission is to empower women with the skills, self-confidence and self-belief to find #WorkThatWorks for them. 

We discovered them when we were trying to come up with a name for our business. Work That Works was the front runner until we realised that someone had taken it already. Someone called Digital Mums! 

Now we don’t mind so much because we are partnering up with them (that and we’ve grown quite fond of That Works For Me)!

Digital Mums Partnership

Our partnership officially starts today but you can already see lots of those amazing Digital Mums registered on That Works For Me. You can also expect a flurry of businesses registering with us and looking for social media and other roles. It’s a win for everyone!

Register with us now and find incredible Mums to help your business.